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31 Capehorn twin F250's Merc ECO test vs Bravo 1's Options
Posted: Monday, July 28, 2014 6:53:09 AM
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Hey Ken

I ran the 19 ECO’s on my Cape horn 31T with F250’s. I have been running 22 Bravo 1’s. The motors are mounted in the second to lowest hole.

For the test I put 400lb of water in the front fish box. The drink box in front of the console full of water. Filled both live wells. Full of fuel (290 gal). A 95 qt Yeti cooler in the stern full of water and 3 adults. The sea where 1-2 feet with a 10 knot west wind in the Gulf

I ran the ECO’s back to back with my Bravo’s The boat defiantly rides better with the ECO’s. The boat fells like it is running more level. The boat planes a little faster with the ECO’s and the bow does not rise as much on takeoff. The Bravos seem to be holding the bow higher at all trim levels. I think the boat rides better with the ECO’s because it is running flatter. The ECO’s drop off plane about 2 knots higher than the Bravos, 20 knots. The ECO’s held the water very well, they did not blow out or slip in hard turns.

The number between the two are almost identical. The ECO’s may very slight gain on fuel economy at 4000 RPM.



4000 29 1.5

4200 31 1.4

4400 34 1.4

4500 34 1.4

4600 35 1.4

5900 44 1.0 WOT

So the numbers were identical between 22 Bravo's and 19 ECO's but it rode better with the ECO's.

Hey guys,
This forum is up so we can search it for performance numbers and info, but other then that its inactive.
I am on check their website and I will be in the (Performance and Handling) section.
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